Throbbing Gristle - TG24

Throbbing Gristle. Progenitors. Transgressors. Wreckers Of Civilisation.

Lifted this from discogs as it tells you all you need to know at this point:

"The first real industrial group, the founders of Industrial Records and one of the most important electronic music innovators of all time. Growing out of the extreme performance art group COUM Transmissions, TG redefined music and laid a large part of the groundwork for all electronic music that followed. From their first performances in 1976 to their last gig in San Francisco in 1981 (recorded and released as "Mission Of Dead Souls"), they challenged and threatend so-called "normal" society - denounced from the floor of the House of Commons as "Wreckers of Civilisation" as the Coum Transmissions "Prostitution" art show in London's ICA (at which TG played their third show) came close to causing riots and set the stage for the punk revolution. Musically, they were extreme and uncompromising, using technology to make anti-music, which redefined music for all time. Their experimentation led them to pioneer sampling and looping techniques adopted by many of those who came after."

This material was originally released in 1980 as a set of tapes in a limited edition of 50, complete with a natty little briefcase. It was 49 really as Mike Wilkins of Industrial Records made #50 for himself. Staggeringly expensive at the time, but an essential document in that it catches Throbbing Gristle (and the attendant riots) in full on attack mode. Re-released on cd in 2002, this is the 25 disc version that was only available on pre-order from Mute. Whilst expensive, this was hoovered up by speculators so they could offer it back to you for five times the price.

Still staggers me that these were recorded 30+ years ago ... Throbbing Gristle were truly ahead of their time. If you want further info on Throbbing Gristle and Coum, there are two fantastic books out there (this one and that one) that I highly recommend.

As an aside, when I bought the Twenty Jazz Funk Greats book from Waterstones, a bosomly matriarch scanned the book and proclaimed "Ooohhh, Throbbing Gristle" at a volume that reverberated right across the shop ... still warms me cockles to this day!

01 Live at I.C.A., London, 18th Oct 1976
02 Live at Winchester and Air Gallery, London, 21st Aug 1976
03 Live at Nags Head, High Wycombe, 11th Feb 1977
04 Live at Brighton Polytechnic, 26th Mar 1977
05 Live at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 7th May 1977
06 Live at Rat Club, Pindar, London, 22nd May 1977
07 Live at Highbury Roadhouse, London, 29th Sept 1977
08 Live at Winchester Art School, 11 Nov 1977
09 Live at Rat Club, London, 17th Dec 1977
10 Live at Brighton Polytechnic, 25th Feb 1978
11 Live at Architectural Association, London, 3rd March 1978
12 Live at Goldsmith's College, London, 18th May 1978
13 Live at Industrial Training College, Wakefield, 1st July 1978
14 Live at Film Makers Co-Op, London, 6th July 1978
15 Live at Cryptic One Club, London, 11th Nov 1978
16 Live at Centro Iberico, London, 21st Jan 1979
17 Live at Ajanta Cinema, Derby, 12th April 1979
18 Live at Sheffield University, 25th April 1979
19 Live at The Factory, Manchester, 19th May 1979
20 Live at Guild Hall, Northampton, 26th May 1979
21 Live at Y.M.C.A., London, 3rd Aug 1979
22 Live at Butlers Wharf London, 23rd Dec 1979
23 Live at Fan Club, Leeds, 24th Feb 1980
24 Live at Scala Cinema, London, 1980
25 Live at Goldsmith's College, London, 13 Mar 1980


Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style

I have heard that there is a theory doing the rounds that there is such a thing as too much Wolf Eyes. Then again, some people believe in god and fairies at the bottom of the garden. Bah! Lunatics all!

Asylum Style is a series of 10 seperate releases on American Tapes dropped between 2003 and 2005.

Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 01 [American Tapes, AM 287]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 02 [American Tapes, AM 297]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 03 [American Tapes, AM 341]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 04 [American Tapes, AM 342]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 05 [American Tapes, AM 351]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 06 [American Tapes, AM 359]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 07 [American Tapes, AM 374]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 08 [American Tapes, AM 404]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 09 [American Tapes, AM 427]
Wolf Eyes - Asylum Style Part 10 (6xCDR) [American Tapes, AM 456]
Part 1 Part 2


Richard Ramirez (side-projects)

Have you ever felt that you have bitten off more than you can chew? This post has given me indigestion that you wouldn't believe.

"Identity Amnesia" seems kind of appropriate (although it's a recent Ramirez solo release ... but the picture's cute)! More prolific than you can imagine. The better known Black Leather Jesus and Werewolf Jerusalem have already been been featured here before. Here are some of his other issues. Master of the Harse Noise Wall but there is much more differentiation than the casual observer would imagine. Some have appeared elsewhere...some definately haven't.

Anal Drill

Anal Drill - Apple [deadline recordings]

An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter

2008 - An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Death on the Edge of a Razor (C20) [turgid animal]
2009 - An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Supply Nurse Could Self Destruct [lake shark harsh noise]

Baptist Skin Communiti

Baptist Skin Communiti - Inner Pollution (C60) [turgid animal]

Clinical Mishaps

Clinical Mishaps - Ask Your Doctor (C60) [worthless human flesh]

Femme Under Plastic

Femme Under Plastic - Primitive Means [recordings for the summer]

Four Flies

Four Flies - The Murderer Is Still With Us (C20) [turgid animal]

Last Rape

2008 - Last Rape - La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo (s-side C40) [gaping hole]
2008 - Last Rape - Last Rape [deadline recordings]
2008 - Last Rape - The Black Belly Of The Tarantula [pottersfield]
2009 - Last Rape - Maimed Left Arm [turgid animal]


Manplug - Wish [dumping ground recordings]


MRAT - MRAT's Meat Orchestra [deadline recordings]

Priest In Shit

2002 - Priest In Shit - No Room For Explanations [deadline recordings]
2003 - Priest In Shit - Disabled Senses_In Memory Of Luis Jimenez (2xbizcdr) [pacrec, troniks]
2006 - Priest In Shit - Touched By Decay (C20) [pain compliance]

Release Helen Rytka

2005 - Release Helen Rytka - Great Northern Street (C62) [dada drummimg]
2006 - Release Helen Rytka - Huddersfield [pitchphase]
2006 - Release Helen Rytka - Immigrant (C20) [pain compliance productions]

Slave Labor

Slave Labor - A Sick Cow? / Transvestite #1 [deadline recordings]

Honorary mentions go to these beautiful people:

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