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A comment hit out of the blue but at an opportune time. If you missed this majestic collection first time around, you are forgiven.

Maybe you haven't heard of tac, the name used by Tom A. Cox of Tennessee for his music since 1984. If you haven't, then let's change that. Cox self-released cassettes (and then CDRs) in very small editions, adorned with clearly labor-intensive silkscreen art and sculptural materials. His music was forbiddingly alien in nature and opaque in substance. Some of it is a tactile noise rush of mysterious origin, harsh and difficult and uncompromising. Later on, tac reversed gears and created albums of nearly-inaudible scrapes and bodiless whoosh.

This massive retrospective box of six 100-minute cassettes collects material from the first ten years of tac's work. Some of it is previously released (not that very many people heard it the first time round), and much of it is not. Collaborations with like-minded artists Small Cruel Party and factor X take up one cassette. If you're a fan of Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, G*Park, Hands To, Yeast Culture or John Hudak, these six-hundred minutes of fascinating audio ought to keep you enthralled for a long while.

Released in 1997 by Suitcase with a baroque package as demanding as the sound within: painted tapes, silk-screen mesh box, silk-screened booklet.




Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - Electrum

Time to channel your inner groove monkey. If you think that is a euphamism, well take a long hard look at yourself! Oops, channelling my inner Dr Z ... nevermind, we could be here all day. Stone cold Japanese jazz legends that nail down the musical / social transition of the time... exquisite psychedelic jazz rock expansion for blown minds. Less pretentiously expressed: it's fucking great and you might want to have a listen.

Originally an Lp released in 1970, this is the CD reissue on Think! Records from 2006.

y'all been way hep!


Lidless Eye - Blue Perfume

This is the work of Knox Mitchell. For fifteen or more years, a stalwart of the American school of build your own electronics at home and then fuck about with it.

A self-released C68 from 2013. It came in an edition of five so you might have missed it.

Blue Perfume


Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer & Ninni Morgia And Silvia Kastel - Two Couples

A person could make a fool of themselves trying to describe the machinations of der Kommissar und Mama, so I'll leave that one to you. Ninni and Silvia are people that I have been meaning to post for such a long time. They create beautiful work, especially as Control Unit (not that one).

An LP released on Silvia's Ultramarine in 2011.

a squared circle


The G.I. & The Spykes - Ambushed By Magnetic Tape Haterz

It's that man Olson from a long time back. Erm ... just fucking hell yes. That'll be the description done then.

A C52 relaesed on American Tapes in 1999. It's Am75 btw.

taperz gonna tape