Shockabilly - The Ghost of Shockabilly

The reissue of 1983's Earth vs. Shockabilly and Colosseum from the following year. Truly righteous not-right stuff of legend.

CD released on Shimmy Disc Europe in 1989.

earth calling kramer


DJ Yo-Yo Dieting - Severed Complexion Mix

Time to crack on then.

The Superstar DJ in question is Pat Maher. A genius that shares a peculiar orbit with Mike Ridge's Zebra Mu. Admittedly, so far, that only exists inside my own head.

A CDr released on Cherried-Out Merch in an edition of fuck all in 2008.

ohh no yo yo


Bruxa Maria

Oh ... and Swans are back touring btw


E.E.E. - Found Documents 1984-1992

The E's are good in question are "officially" Ella Einsmire and Elliot Einsmire. British twins that made noise music and then moved to Texas to make some more. Tragically Elliot died in 1997, leaving Ella to pursue the noise mission alone.

The unfortunate truth is that none of that can be true. Nobody over here had ever heard of them and they don't appear in any meaningful way on t'interweb. Also, nobody over here makes wall noise like this and certainly never did in the titular dates. What am I? Some kind of mug that believes for a second that there are two Rupeni? For me, it's another one of Richard's ciphers and that is always a good thing in any right thinking world!

A four CDr set released on Deadline Recordings in 2014.

eee by gum!


Freddy Fresh - Chupacabbra

In a change from our usual sponser: I've loved Freddy Fresh for creeping on 30 years. Only saw him play out live once ... I think it was about 1999 in Liverpool on the Friday at the place that did Creamfields at the weekend. The only place I've been offered speedballs for sale on the way in ... but that's the scousers for you! Anyway ... fucking adorable latino hip house hop tech with the big beat bonus of Bassbin Twins / Propeller Heads remixes.

The expanded CD EP released on the magnificent Harthouse label in 1997.

suck my goat


Hijokaidan - Legendary Live Collection Of Hijokaidan Vol.5 - 蔵六の奇病発売記念ライブ

Effectively, the launch party at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo, for the original release of Zouroku No Kibyou in 1982.

Originally a self-released VHS in 1982, this is the DVDr reissue on Alchemy Music Store from 2008.



Sun City Girls - Superpower

Eclipse Records put out some brilliant double LP SCG releases that were as close as it gets to the Cloaven's seeing a reissue. I bought all of that vinyl and then they went bankrupt so that mission was unexpectedly terminated so not all of it escaped.

However, there is the common reissue misconception ... as beautiful as they are, they are edits. The first two tapes come in at around 140 minutes and that doesn't fit on four sides of vinyl. If anyone wants it, I'll post the corresponding Eclipse vinyl so you can compare and contrast.

Anyway ... "An equatorial collective improvisation recorded live in 1982 and informative disinformation financed by short-wave overload with text excerpts from Myron Fagen circa 1967. Recorded August 1982 live at Merlin's."

The second of the Cloaven Cassettes released in 1987.

solar power


Various - Fortune Tellers

A sparkling compilation featuring Ludo Mich & W. Ravenveer, Jazzfinger, Barf Thoth, The Haters, Jeph Jerman, Darksmith, Id M Theft Able, Leslie Keffer, Andrew Coltrane and Dylan Nyoukis.

A six C20 tape set released on AC's Hermitage Tapes in 2011.

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