Cows - Chow

There is so much music that was lost when the (then) newly expanded American distribution networks got swamped by charlatans, A&R arseholes and corporate whores who dumped people into a legal netherworld where bands no longer owned their own music and it could never be re-released. There are so many out there whose masterpieces never got past the initial vinyl release and Cows were one of those. Until recently. I was going to post the Cows albums that had effectively disappeared but then realised that Amphetamine Reptile have made them available as $5 CDs over the past couple of years. So, here's the first five 7"s instead.

7" released on Treehouse Records in 1988.



lezzie johhny jewel,  23 May 2020 at 18:46  

saw Cows once, 'round cunning stunts. an awesome rawcophony and a visual de-lite. singer had a huge penis drawn in magic marker coming up from his groin, slung over his shoulder and down his back. or was it a tattoo??? he was also a virtuoso of the runt-over trumpet IIRC which I probably don't cuz drugs or like that.

ne'er heard this one afore, so thanks!

badgerstump 23 May 2020 at 19:00  

well ... you've seen him. if there was ever a man with a cartoon cock it'll be him. you probably remember it right in spite of the drugs ... there's plenty of where the fuck did that trumpet come from with Cows. never got the chance to see them ... pisser

mind you ... now you've mentioned fairly naked men and a brass section, I saw Alice Donut end a gig with the drummer (a very large man with even larger hair) get up from behind the kit wearing nothing other than a big nappy (or diaper or shit blanket or whatever you call it) and lead the charge on a cover of War Pigs playing all of the guitar parts on a trombone ... pretty sure it was a trombone, I was very IIRC in those days ... I do remember dancing like a loon a laughing my face off ... or at least I think I do ...