va - Come Again

If this isn't an ideal candidate for reissue, I don't know what is. "Come Again" was a triple acetate 7" set, released in an edition of just 63 copies by the legendary Vanilla Records in 1991. Along with "Japan Bashing Three", "Noise Forest", "Dry Lungs V", "Japanese/American Noise Treaty" and Banned Productions' "Ne" series, it helped launch artists who are now understood to be the most significant and influential in all of noise music. But with so few copies made, and then only as acetate singles, the only way the most people have heard this is as mp3s on blogs (like this one). Someone somewhere would do well to locate the original and remaster this music, then release it in a better-sounding and more widely available format. Until then, this is all most people have got.

Tracks by Violent Onsen Geisha (who records as Hair Stylistics), K.K. Null, Incapacitants, CCCC (here called Chaotic Custom Cock Commandos. Wow!), Merzbow (who is still going strong in 2016!), Dislocation (the multi-media improv group always seemed out of place on these harsh noise compilations, but it doesn't matter because they were so good), Aube (RIP), Monde Bruits (RIP), Masonna, Jojo Hiroshige (of Hijokaidan, and head of Alchemy Records, both going very strong today), Agencement (the violin and tape project of Hideaki Shimada, whose few recordings are all necessary and wonderful. While I'm busy telling people what to do, I'll also instruct an enterprising someone out there to produce a compilation of all the short tracks he's put on compilations), and finally a band called Shit Lovers, whose track "Please Let Me Eat Your Shit, SAVANNAH!" seems to be the only evidence of their existence.

disc 1
disc 2
disc 3


Ian 2 April 2016 at 03:42  

I saw Hijokaidan perform just last night, and I can corroborate that they are indeed going strong! Sadly Toshiji Mikawa couldn't make it. However, Atsuhiro Ito, aka Optrum, filled in with fluorescent tube light duties. Damn incredible! What I heard was an unbelievably massive, densely layered, and overwhelming unholy torrent of all-consuming, pure fucking noise, full of unceasing momentum and fury and sheer sonic power. 'Twas an honor to witness!

Mrs. Inside 2 April 2016 at 10:27  

Atsuhito Ito played in Hijokaidan??! I wish I could have heard that!!!!!!

Plague 2 April 2016 at 23:13  

I'm pretty sure this has been reissued in CD format, because I have it and I certainly don't have it on acetates...
Course I have so much crap I may be wrong.