Various - Globus And Decibel

This was the second (and I think last) joint compilation release on Freedom In A Vacuum and Randy Greif's Swinging Axe Productions from 1997. There are three tracks from Christian Renou's Brume, two from Edward Ka-Spel (of Big City Orchestra, The Legendary Pink Dots and a host of other incarnations), three form Jörg Thomasius and "just" one from Stylus.

The latter is the collaboration of Jeph Jerman, Rick Tamura and Randy Greif. As far as I know, it's the only thing they recorded under that name and it's this 18 minute track that grabs me the most from a great bunch.

Globus And Decibel


Anonymous,  16 April 2016 at 17:49  

very good,
espiciallt the LPD tracks