Various - Testament

I suppose that all you really need to know is that this is an LP released on RRRecords in 1988. If you insist in being curious then it has the work of Arcane Device, Illusion Of Safety, Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant, Rik Rue, Eric Lunde, Native X, Sink Manhattan, Geins't Naït, Massimo Toniutti, John Wiggins and Randy Greif. If you remain curious, sorry I can't help you ... go and see a head doctor.



icepick method 5 April 2016 at 02:17  

Here's the diagram for the S.B.O.T.H.I. locked groove tracks.

Anonymous,  16 April 2016 at 17:52  

very good

Certifiablockhead 29 October 2016 at 17:49  

most wonderful...thank you...