Various - Missing Nothing

This was a six CDr collection that served as a fundraiser for the Bang The Bore collective in 2012.

Astral Social Club, Andy Jarvis, Spoils & Relics, Kevin Sanders' Petals, Ashtray Navigations, John Butcher, Mark Sanders, Seth Cooke, Clive Henry and The A Band are the hooks that will drag you in. However, everything on here is well worth your undivided attention.

This seems to be the perfect way to temporarily conclude what will forever go down in history as "Bleak Bliss: The Compilation Years" ... who at the back said 'thank fuck for that'?








Unknown 23 April 2016 at 02:32  

Thank you so very much!

Plague 23 April 2016 at 23:46  

Never even heard of this.

Ian 26 April 2016 at 03:54  

Wow, a lil something everyone can enjoy! "Maxine" by the Simon Morris Dance Band is a particular favorite. Thanks for this wonderful package of greatness!

Gordy,  29 April 2016 at 22:50  

Thank you so much for this!

Certifiablockhead 24 November 2016 at 20:47  

this is one big mutha´of a compilation...some bad wacko stuff here...thanks...