va - Killed By Bass

"Killed By Bass" (is the title supposed to be a riff on the "Killed By Death" punk comps?) is a Japanese collection of speaker-busting absurdity, issued in 1997 by P-Vine. Take the title seriously; this CD is designed to test the limits of your sub-woofer and shake the pictures off your neighbors' walls. It includes tracks by Sonic Plate alumnus Kucknake (as himself, and also under the pseudonyms Da Bass Psyclonez and Subdisco), experimental turntablist L?K?O, and other names that are new to me: Smurf Otoko Gumi, Moodman, and Afro Hard Core.

va - Killed By Bass


Anonymous,  1 January 2016 at 16:45  


Ian 5 January 2016 at 04:24  

A wholly entertaining album. Very nice compilation