SBOTHI - The Change Can Sound

Third solo LP (following some cassettes, two LPs for the Selektion label and a collaborative 2LP with the like-minded P16.D4) of shockingly austere anti-music by Achim Wollscheid, also known as Swimming Behavior of the Human Infant/SBOTHI. This stuff is so stark and harsh that I can understand if it takes even a seasoned noise pro awhile to get into it. The music seems to actively resist likability. However, if modern patience-taxers such as Hecker, Nerve Net Noise, Sukora, G*Park or Evol float your strange boat, then climb aboard. The record came out in 1989 in an edition of just 100 copies on the Japanese label Vis a Vis Audio Arts, which was run by the notorious Juntaro Yamanouchi/The Gerogerigegege. No information at all was provided; no information, no credits, not even the band name. It was a white sleeve with the title printed two different ways on the front and back.

SBOTHI - The Change Can Sound


Anonymous,  29 December 2015 at 00:25  

YES! Please upload more...

Ian 5 January 2016 at 04:22  

Anti-music at its finest!

Certifiablockhead 4 March 2016 at 18:09  

sound the change can...yeah, give me it...thank you...