Jason Crumer - A Personal Hell

Somebody emailed me a month or two ago saying "Post some Crumer". That was it. I'm still not sure whether it was a request or an order. Anyway, it made me think "How the hell haven't we posted any of Jason Crumer's work?". Baffling. I suppose you can put it down to the butterfly mind syndrome. We get a bit over enthusiastic sometimes ... yeah, like children full of E numbers. We start off with good ideas and a plan and before you know it "look at the shiny thing!" and we're off in a different direction.

Anyway (again) guess what? I've posted some Jason Crumer. He makes top quality noise recordings under his own name as well as being in such outfits as American Band and Aluminum Noise (yeah, I know, it's Aluminium but you know what the Americans are like for ignoring the English language and talking all American and that).

This is a 7" vinyl and CDr combo released on Small Doses in 2009. The 7" is ripped at 33rpm and 45rpm just because both sound great.

Extract the two parts together to hear why it's so ridiculous that it has taken so long ...

Part One

Part Two


Ian 15 December 2015 at 01:08  

"Aluminium"? I honestly had no idea. I do end up learning a thing or two reading this blog. That aside, this set is amazing. Thanks for the Crumer trip!

Certifiablockhead 23 December 2015 at 18:24  

pure bliss...thanks for the turn-on...