Boris + Endon - EROS

Whoohoo, it's Boris! Gotta admit, I don't know much about Endon. But, whoohoo anyway!

C30 sold this year on their Japanese tour and ostensibly released on Fangs Anal Satan and G.G.R.R..



Plague 18 December 2015 at 00:44  

I never even knew this existed.
right on

Rubby,  18 December 2015 at 21:05  

Endon is super loud, noisy anti musical grind by way of black metal maybe. ..check out their album Mama.

Anonymous,  20 December 2015 at 16:46  


Scott 24 December 2015 at 07:39  

Awesome, thanks. For what it's worth, this wasn't 'sold' as such. It was a freebie for people attending the tour.

Anonymous,  24 December 2015 at 12:50  

Incredible. Thank you.