Mixed Band Philanthropist - The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly

There was a request to post the MBP "The Impossible Humane" LP as a counterpoint to the brilliant Kangaroo Kourt posts. However, it was reissued on Staubgold last year and is still available. The reissue also contains this 7" but I think it's fair enough to post this to show you what they were about.

This was released on Paul Coates' Hypnagogia in 2003.

Paul is a top bloke. I bought both vinyl volumes of The New Blockaders' "Viva Negativa" from him and he went out of his way to hand deliver them because he wanted to make sure they arrived in mint condition. That's when he told me that he is also a member of TNB ... didn't recognise him without his mask on. One of those lovely moments where you shut your front door and think "did that just really happen?"

The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman...


Rubby,  6 December 2015 at 12:33  

Thank you folks, this really is singular music. Further googling reveals that The Impossible Humane was also re released on cassette a few years ago, it was a split with Broken Penis or something like that.