Glands Of External Secretion - Reverse Atheism

It shouldn't be a big secret that I adore Glands Of External Secretion.

The central combination of Barbara Manning and Seymour Glass make gorgeous music that willfully switches from the most beautiful emotion provoking songs to the delightfully fucked up acid fried David Lynch meets William Seward Burroughs II "what the hell am I doing here and how do I get out"?

Every single thing they do is essential ... but just to ramp it up a bit, here you also get contributions from the likes of Bruce Russell, Patricia de Rowland and Alastair Galbraith.

This is a double LP (there is a track-list but there is absolutely no point in splitting it into tracks, each side of vinyl is a flowing entity in its own right) and the initial 100 came with the Expanding Universe CDr. The vinyl was released on Butte County Free Music Society in 2011 but the CDr was only available when you bought the first copies from Tedium House.

I listen to this several times a week and have done so for a long time ... so should you. I'm already nauseated by the approaching capitalist bullshit and as Christ Mass and 2016 relentlessly tries to involve me, I'll be listening to this!

Reverse Atheism

This Expanding Universe (Reverse Atheism Penalty Tracks)


dan 14 December 2015 at 02:02  

Thanks for this. Have you made plans for reuppin the other Glands of External Secretion recordings previously posted on your blog? I am particulary interested in the Northern Exposure will be Right Back record. I used to have it but it fell off my car roof when i drove away with a stack of records on it.

Anonymous,  19 December 2015 at 17:14  

not bad

Certifiablockhead 12 January 2016 at 14:26  

beautiful...sublime in its fun, funny in its depth...boisterous and conspicuous lyrics deliver the absurd and irrational of an idea beacon of our western world...I´m enjoying this very much, thank you...