Shida ‎- File 1: Mr. Chinhatto & Dedomen

This is one of the early tapes released on Akifumi Nakajima's seminal G.R.O.S.S. label. It's a C42 from 1993.

Shida at this point is Toyohiro Okazaki (who was also a member of Dislocation, Minotaure and Sandmachine). This is a strange peek into the Japanese noise underground of the early '90s. At first this confused me ... it's a low level recording with a lot of chatter. It is at about 10 minutes of Side 1 when somebody coughs straight into the recording device that gives it away. To my Occidental perspective, this is a live recording of a moment that would have otherwise been lost had it not been for Aube's documentary dedication. Once you figure it out and move past, the talk just becomes part of the event.

File 1: Mr. Chinhatto & Dedomen