Altered States - Altered States

Altered States were Uchihashi Kazuhisa (of Ground Zero amongst others) on guitar, Mitsuru Nasuno (of Ground Zero, Korekyojinn, Sanhedrin and played in Fushitsusha and Seijaku) on bass and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (yep, Ground Zero and any number of Otomo Otomo Yoshihide projects) on drums.

This was their first release and came out on Zenbei in 1992. This is the initial glimpse of what may be the most appropriately named band ever.

Altered States


Anonymous,  21 June 2014 at 19:13  

music like this one and ruins and otomo yoshihide makes us understand how many debts john zorn's naked city has with japanese avantgarde,
in the early 90s music like that was little known in the west and that's why naked city sounded so fresh.
anyway zorn is my favourtie musician of all times.
it's not a critic, just an hysotrical note.