Heid ‎- Beneath The Wing Of Shadows

Single-sided C60 self-released on Heid Tapes in 1997 that crawls at glacial pace.

Heid were Kristian Olsson, Peter Lindahl, Stefan Östlund and Tolufim (aka Daniel Eideholm). I know that Peter and Daniel recorded as L.E.A.K. (Lustige Elektro Akustische Klänge) but have never heard any of their work under that name. Kristian Olsson has since recorded under his own name, ran the Styggelse and Bolvärk labels and was a member of such outfits as Alfarmania, Blood Ov Thee Christ and Survival Unit .

Beneath The Wing Of Shadows


Anonymous,  24 June 2014 at 18:08  

not my kind of music