Swans - Public Castration Is A Good Idea

Let's face it, celebrating New Year is as trite and futile as complaining when it doesn't satisfy your vain attempts to prop up your ego. But, three and a half days for it to turn to shit? Now that's taking the piss! I'm so glad that I don't believe in fate or destiny because I might have to go out and inflict my pain on some poor bastards who have nothing to do with it. Then six days in? The anniversary of the animated pond scum's attempt to have a nice day out in the name of totalitarianism (it's like the redneck's version of democracy ... if in doubt, just carry on playing with your own faeces ... look, poo poo mountain, well done you!). Then fron nowhere, on the same day, comes the blazing light of redemption ... Mister Gira has just offered up his homework for the next Swans release ... it's a fundraiser to get everyone together to record it, and people buy it which supports the next Swans tour. Multiple services to humanity all rolled into one.

Suddenly, it made sense for me to go back to this recording because it put me straight back in touch with my current feelings and the silent rage would lead to dancing and shit-eating-grinning face. On a particular day in 1986, I performed my Saturday morning ritual of visiting Piccadilly Records (when it was in the "Plaza", lost it's soul when it moved). I walked in and this was on the shelf behind the counter. No contest. I emptied my pockets and walked home. I put it on and I pretty much shat myself. This wasn't music. I knew I should have spent my dole money on something cool to impress some other fuckers that I didn't even care much about then. In those times, my disposable income involved food vs vinyl. Happy days. I had not seen Swans live and really did not have a clue what the mission was. A year later I saw Swans on the Children Of God tour and pretty much everything changed for me from that night on.

Apparently, the vinyl is worth a fair bit these days. I couldn't give a shit because I will never sell mine. It's priceless.

However, how about a 24/192 rip? It's in two parts and comes in at nearly 3GB. If that is an issue for you then tough shit.

As it says on the back cover: Play At Maximum Volume.



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badgerstump 8 January 2022 at 19:41  

after 12 years i suddenly forget? really?

they are in two parts, once you have both parts then extract to the same folder

Mjy,  8 January 2022 at 23:43  

My review of your review is a resounding Fuck Yeah.

Anonymous,  9 January 2022 at 01:39  


Anonymous,  17 January 2022 at 08:58  

Brilliant, thank you!