Gate - The Monolake


Michael Morley (of the Dead C.) follows up his sublime "The Dew Line" with this marginally more accessible album released by Table of the Elements in 1996. It includes a cover of Faust's "Jennifer" which you can play at parties to get some asses on the dance floor.



FlaccusMUC 25 January 2022 at 15:33  

Very happy that you've returned to NZ and to Gate - please more of that.
And thanks again for the Omit re-up. Quad is even better than I expected, certainly the best Omit release I've heard so far. Speaking of which: if there is a chance of more Omit posts (the early tapes?!), my endless gratitude will be even more infinite (if that' possible at all).

Anonymous,  26 January 2022 at 01:13  

Love the Gate - thanks so much, more please