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Oh, go on then ... a post from nearly ten years ago:

This is the work of Clinton Williams and the info is taken directly from discogs. It adequately says what i would have said anyway:

"Clinton Williams has been on a highly personal journey into sound since the late 1980's. Starting from scratch, using modified electric motors as his sole sound source, he has built up a home studio and battery of hand-made and salvaged electronic sound sources, with which to pursue his researches into the human psyche. Working in complete isolation for several years, before making contact with a few like-minded souls in other parts of the world, he has released a mass of cassettes and lathe-cut polycarbonate records on his own Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic imprint. He has also collaborated with Bruce Russell as Dust/Omit, and Paul Toohey as Omit/K Group."

If you have any interest in people who have an individual take on the need to pay attention to this 3CD set on Corpus Hermeticum from 1997!



Sean 14 April 2012 at 20:11  

Praise be! I've wanted to hear this for years.

How about re-upping Robert Turman's Chapter 11? I know, what gall, asking for an 8 cassette set.

If you haven't heard the K-Group/Omit LP, I could rip my copy for you???


elmer68 16 April 2012 at 17:04  

Thanks a million for posting this!

Exeter 30 April 2012 at 01:44  

I've had this for years! ( I think)
But don't remember listening to it or where it is!
Thanks a lot!

Double Dubz 23 January 2022 at 21:23  


Mrs. Inside 23 January 2022 at 22:07  

Robert Turman's "Chapter Eleven" is available directly from the artist, so we won't post it here. You can support him by going to his Bandcamp page:

The K-Group & Omit LP is incredible. You can grab that directly from Paul Toohey/K-Group here:

FlaccusMUC 24 January 2022 at 04:39  

What an excellent start of the week! Many, many thanks! Since you gave me what I wanted, I think I will keep bothering you with my requests! Again many thanks and best wishes from Munich.

Plague 24 January 2022 at 23:35  

this is what the kid's call "wonderful"

Anonymous,  25 January 2022 at 10:50  

Brilliant! Thanks so much

Anonymous,  29 January 2022 at 18:33