va - Revue OU

From 1964 to 1974, Henri Chopin published the "Revue OU" magazine about sound poetry. Each magazine came with a record, which makes sense since sound poetry is best understood as a performed artform to be heard rather than simply read. In 2002, Alga Marghen released two different versions of this collection: a 4xCD version and a 6xLP version. The CDs came with a book that reproduces pages from the magazines, which the vinyl came with an LP of music not included on the CDs. This is the CD version. Includes Henri Chopin, Gil J. Wolman, Francois Dufresne, Sten Hanson, Bob Cobbing, Ake Hodell, William S. Burroughs, Bernard Heidesieck, Arthur Rimbaud, Raoul Hausmann, Brion Gyson and many more.

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