Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - The Natural Finger

Back in the day, one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning was to check out the 7" imports box that sat on the counter of Yanks or Piccadilly Records. Buying things that you knew nothing about judging only by sleeve design and band names. This was one of those. I remember taking it home, playing it and thinking "ah well, nothing much going on here" (which was more about what else was in my bag that day). How wrong can a Badger be? This is glorious ... think of the opening of Blue Velvet where the cutesy family are out front and Pop is mowing the lawn and the camera closes in on the severed ear by the white picket fence. Yep, there's a whole heap of weird going on under the surface.

7" released on Ajax Records in 1990.

The Natural Finger