Forcefield - Lord Of The Rings Modulator

The identities behind Forcefield are deliberately obscured and generally attributed to Meerk Puffy (aka Matt Brinkman and one half of Mindflayer) and Patootie Lobe (pardon?). On the earlier releases they are almost certainly a four piece. Whoever is actually here use a 'Frodo' Bode model 6402 dual ring-modulator to create alien radio interference, manic gameboys on bouncy castles or a cross between molten lava and quicksand. The juxtapositions only makes sense to me when I'm listening to it, other than that I wonder what the fuck I'm on about. A sentiment you would be familiar with if you've been here for a while ... anyhow ...

Originally released as a CDr on their own Thunderecorcdrs in 2002, this is the CD version re-released on Bulb Records in 2003.

Lord Of The Rings Modulator


badgerstump 22 September 2018 at 15:58  

You're in good company ... I love me too :)

Mjy,  23 September 2018 at 01:38  

This, as the kids say, rules so hard. Thank you!