David Tudor - Neural Synthesis Nos. 6-9

Double-disc set of "neural synthesizer" insanity by David Tudor, released by Lovely Music in 1995. The sound of live brain cells being fried in butter.

disc 1
disc 2


cool breeze 7 September 2018 at 17:40  

amazing!--this blog has become my musical everything

badgerstump 7 September 2018 at 17:44  

Mate, you need to get out more!

... seriously tho' ... thanks, it makes us smile

cool breeze 8 September 2018 at 03:33  

not untrue...didn't realize it would be this difficult when i decided to have a baby..

Mrs. Inside 16 September 2018 at 14:52  

thank you, cool breeze! we're all just having fun sharing tunes here. happy to know that you're enjoying them.