Ray Off - I Am Not In The Racing Sky

Somebody reviewed these three live recordings thus: "Latest release from this New Zealand freak orchestra led by UFM label boss James Currin and here featuring Katrina Thomson on harp, Pamela Poppins on guitar, organ and voice and Jon Chapman (an original member of Double Leopards) on electronics. Brief parts of this have an ecstatic vocal element that sounds a bit like The Skaters or Ben Reynolds, especially [when] combined with the occasionally ferocious hair-trigger application of microphone feedback and electronics. Use of keyboards is nicely loaded, bringing to mind peak-era Popol Vuh/Tangerine Dream. But it's all framed within these weird avant/chamber folk/drone brackets that are as knotty and warped as your favourite Harvest side. It gets to the point that the rapid succession of electronics/strings/vox/guitar primitivism starts to make much of this recording resemble some kind of episodic travelogue or sound journal, much like the last UFM Ray Off disc, Ghost Wolf Of Thunder Mountain. As soon as you settle back and learn to just dig the scenery it all makes a lot more sense."

Yeah, pretty much, and you can pick up the Ghost Wolf recording here alongside the equally excellent My Favourite Plum 2:18 from 2009.

CDr released on United Fairy Moons in 2005.

I Am Not In The Racing Sky


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