MIMEO - Lifting Concrete Lightly

A staggering album of very large-group improvised electro-acoustic noise (amazingly, excerpted from an even longer performance) recorded at Serpentine Gallery and released by the gallery as a triple CD set in 2004. The band includes luminaries from all over the world: Marcus Schmickler (of Pluramon, Wabi Sabi, more) and Peter Rehberg (aka Pita, head of Editions MEGO) on laptops, Jerome Noetinger (head of Metamkine Records) playing tapes and electronics, Rafael Toral and Gert-Jan Prins on electronics, Keith Rowe (of AMM) on tabletop guitar, Thomas Lehn and Cor Fuhler on synthesizers, Phil Durrant on violin and synthesizer, and the whole project was directed by Kaffe Matthews, who also plays sampler and theremin. It's far too much to listen to in one sitting, but I suppose when you go through the trouble of bringing so many busy people together at one time, you may as well be efficient about it and record as much music as possible. The liner notes explain that the players were placed throughout the gallery space and could come and go throughout the performance, so this is not the free-for-all it might have been in less capable hands.

disc 1
disc 2
disc 3


Anonymous,  8 September 2017 at 18:08  


Bill 16 September 2017 at 00:18  

Finally got a chance to dig into this properly. Holy wow. Thanks, amazing storm of sounds and frequency lather going on here.

Bill 26 September 2017 at 23:57  

Me again. Sorry to keep harping on this, but for some reason I can't stop listening to it. There is just an abundance of wonders here, and I feel like I could dig into it for years and still be finding new delights. Seriously, THANK YOU. I'll stop now.