AMM - Combine + Laminates & Treatise '84

A recording of the "classic" trio line-up of Keith Rowe (guitar and electronics), Eddie Prevost (drums) and John Tilbury (piano) live in Chicago in 1984. The "Combine & Laminates" LP was released by Pogus in 1990, then reissued five years later on CD by the band's own Matchless Recordings with an added track of AMM playing some of Cornelius Cardew's notorious "Treatise" graphical score.

AMM - Combine + Laminates & Treatise '84


Anonymous,  18 September 2017 at 18:06  

not bad

kevinesse 3 October 2017 at 08:27  

thanks for aall thees great stuff! Do you have Keith Rowe room extended? I hear it's a killer!