AMM - Before Driving to the Chapel we Took Coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed

Recorded live at Rice University in Houston, TX in 1996, released as a CD by Matchless Recordings in 1997.

AMM - Before Driving to the Chapel we Took Coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed


cerberus 19 September 2017 at 11:05  

As ever,thank you so much,for the last couple of weeks in particular...I know you've put up some 'reductionist/onkyo'material before,but the recent emphasis on Keith Rowe has made the difference.
Back around 1999/2000 when this music started filtering through i remember being totally bowled felt fresh,new,exciting even (it wasn't but thats a debate for another day)...semi-regular trips down to London to Mark Wastells'Sound323... happy days. But,as with everything when one over consumes,i was listening to a new batch around 5 years later...nothing.Not just the famed absence of sound,just a feeling of being taken in. Harsh,and it , on reflection,served its purpose of allowing me to listen anew to music with a fresh perspective,so all was not lost, but Tinnittus more.
Many years on i think inevitably some of 'its' power has been lost,and hearing it as music rather than process helps,but i remember thinking more than once that (some) of this must be more fun to play than experience (and not in a harsh walls noise sort of way,where there is,live at least, some inter-action.
And the upshot of this mini thesis (sorry folks) is essentially... i don't know.. can there be any hard and fast lessons for listening other than get out of it what works for you,but listen.Properly listen.And appreciate.
Thanks again for your time and effort...long may you run

badgerstump 19 September 2017 at 18:07  

from memory, there are ethnographic studies of music that empasise the importance of the receiver (you and i) in the importance / effect of constructed sound. A lot of it leaves me behind but there is some truth in it. i've had plenty of experience of being completely infatuated by the "new" only to saturate myself and become contemptuous and walk away. then years later, i'll revisit something that i thought was familiar and it will blow me away in the most unexpected fashion. the music hasn't changed, i've changed. it's been more about me experiencing something differently because i'm a different person than i was then (don't get me wrong, sometimes the reaction is "why did i buy this x number of years ago? what was i thinking?").

sometimes for me it's simply about what's going on in "the real world" right now. i'll play Sukora or Werewolf Jerusalem or Nerve Net Noise or The Rita and i start off hearing it but eventually it will purge my mind of the trivial concerns and i begin to listen. it becomes cathartic and gives me the space to think ... or not to think at all. deep listening i suppose :)

thanks for the thanks ... we're not (voluntarily) going to go away any time soon!