Hair Stylistics - Forever Shibuya HMV

An unlikely homage to Masaya Nakahara's favourite record store complimented by his loathing of it's competitors ... he really doesn't like them.

CDr. Boid. 2010.

This is the last one for now, we're getting a bit twitchy and need to move on. We'll return to the theme soon and will be re-uploading all of the dead Stylistics links and will resurrect the Violent Onsen Geisha posts for good measure.

A short while ago, we re-drifted past the Hair Stylistics discogs page to find that the number of releases had doubled. At the last count, we have sixty seven of them and we were missing quite a few. Then "all of a sudden" it turns out that we are missing at least one hundred and sixteen. Sincerely brothers and sisters, we shed a tear! Actually, I cried a lot. The problem is that we have virtually nothing that was released after 2010 ... maybe three releases (and the two on bandcamp) and that's it! If anybody has any of these Holy Grail items that they would be willing to share we would be forever in your debt. It's more than fair enough if they aren't for posting, me and Mrs Inside are Masaya Nakahara fanatics and every new thing would bring us copious amounts of joy!

Forever Shibuya HMV


Anonymous,  5 September 2017 at 03:45  


Caitlyn / CPI 7 September 2017 at 02:00  

add my voice to the plea for post-2010 Hair Stylistics sharing, please :)

Anonymous,  11 September 2017 at 00:09  

I've discovered some truly incredible music on this blog, but the greatest thing you've introduced me to is Hair Stylistics. Thanks for the splurge!!