Yamashirube - Psychedelic Sounds of Yamashirube

"First self-released album from this new Tokyo psych project from Hide Uchida is a much harsher fuzz of trance than their massively-dislocated second album. Here there are moments of almost Hototogisu-esque ecstasy electronics along with boulders of UK noise-style fuzz over which the trio work patterns of melodic electro gush, a huge rush of heavily F/X saturated electric guitar and dead television signals. Parts of this sound most like an armed, urban wing of the Angus MacLise Orkustra at their most heaven storming, with octave bombing guitars crippled by bulldozers of fuzz and concrete and almost Wolf Eyes-levels of live-wire threat." Volcanic Tongue

A slightly over-blown description but I see what they mean (it also refers to Yamashirube being Hide Uchida's project and a "trio" ... ah well). This is the kind of psychedelics that should be given to children so they bugger off and leave all of the best drugs to the adults!.

CDr released on Hide Uchida's Subjective Spirit Sound in 2005.

Psychedelic Sounds of Yamashirube


Nathan 5 January 2017 at 17:56  

electronics and fuzz. I don't know what this is but it has electronics and fuzz. therefore I download and look forward. thanks!

Anonymous,  5 January 2017 at 23:18  

All of Keenan's descriptions are overblown