va - Insane Music for Insane People Vol 1

No matter where you are, 2017 is sure to be an insane year. Rather than be afraid, let's embrace the oncoming insanity. This is the first of Alain Neffe's Insane Music for Insane People series of compilation cassettes, which began in 1981 on his Insane Music label in Belgium. The first volume featured mostly bands that Neffe himself was in, though that would change as the series went on. This tape features songs by Bene Gesserit, Subject, Cortex, Human Flesh, MAL, Pseudo Code, I Scream, Mecanique Vegetale and Japanese Genius.

va - Insane Music for Insane People Vol 1


Nathan 2 January 2017 at 09:16  

Thanks for this - I became aware of this scene after Sub Rosa put out that Kosmose CD a couple of years back. Will listen with interest.

Certifiablockhead 9 August 2017 at 22:39  

definitely i subscribe to this insanity...thank you...