Doc Wör Mirran ‎- Falling To Achieve Freedom

Doc Wör Mirran are a very strange band. They have been that way since their first cassette in 1984 and remain so today. The fault can be laid at the feet of American artists Joseph Raimond and Bernard Worrick, who traded bleak San Francisco for the mellow and sunny beaches of Nurnberg, Germany, in 1985 and fell in with the local weirdo community. DWM became their vehicle for ugly noise, beautiful droning ambience, poetry, paintings and drawings, and songs that imply an interest in rock and pop music with a sense of humor that tends toward scatological and frustratingly juvenile (lots of references to, and crude drawings of, butts and tits that resemble a note that a classmate might have passed to during 7th grade maths class). In the spirit of the cassette trading network of the era, they welcomed all sorts of collaborators, who have included at various moments Jello Biafra, Asmus Tietchens, Peter Schuster/Tesendalo, De Fabriek, Ron Lessard, Paul Lemos (of Controlled Bleeding), Harald "Sack" Ziegler, Deutsches Kulturgut, PCR, and assorted other friends who contributed lyrics, art and/or sounds.

As you might expect from such a determinedly eclectic bunch, DWM have been confoundingly prolific. A sensible entry point to the DWM world would be their singles, several of which I will post here. The first thing I'll post will be the first thing I ever heard by them, a 7" called "Falling to Achieve Freedom", released in 1987 by Empty Records in Germany. The record came with a booklet of lyrics and art that I couldn't be arsed to scan.

Doc Wör Mirran ‎- Falling To Achieve Freedom


Certifiablockhead 25 January 2017 at 08:56  

definitely and totally bleak bliss...