Ohkami no Jikan - Israel

According to the J-card, this is the first Ohkami No Jikan album and they "concentrate on the heaviness of minimal noise". Unfortunately, as far as English is concerned, it doesn't reveal who amongst the revolving membership are present for the recording. Obviously, Asahito Nanjo is here but all else would be speculation.

C58 released on La Musica Records in 1999. It's LA-026 btw.



Mason Jones 2 January 2017 at 04:46  

This is a nice one, thanks for posting. The Japanese text here is the same as the English, so there's no additional info on the other members besides Nanjo. Given the '93 recording date (and I think this was released in '96 not '99 as you mentioned), this was probably with Kawabata (gtr) and Shimura (dr) but that's just a guess. Nanjo never was very good about communicating with everyone regarding La Musica releases!