Karuna Khyal - Alomoni 1985

This is the (slightly more) psychotic sibling of Debon. Beefheartian swamp-delta psychedelic blues for the criminally insane ... it's the work of a genius and/or the plural thereof. I'm not sure what is the more astonishing ... this record or the fact that it was 24 years before it saw the light of day again. The LP was released on Voice Records in 1974 and it disappeared until Clive had the common decency to let us hear it again by unofficially re-releasing it on Paradigm Discs in 1998. If I'm ever lucky enough to meet Clive I'm going to have to kiss him. Fair warning, there might be tongues.

I posted this nearly four years ago. Frankly, I find that fairly scary ... does anybody know where time actually goes? Anyway, it's appropriate that this nestles next to Debon.

Alomoni 1985


Ian 4 July 2016 at 01:10  

Yes indeed, four years ago this was among more than a few things I discovered on your blog which I added to the library and so egregiously did not give a proper listen. I came to understand that every post on this blog is of some degree of importance in the long run, and eventually this album got its proper listen. And well, it's fantastic and absolutely bewildering! Great to see it re-emerge!