East Bionic Symphonia - Recorded Live

East Bionic Symphonia existed at one place in time. They studied the work of Takehisa Kosugi who released seminal work under his own name and as part of Group Ongaku, Taj-Mahal Travellers, Transition and Yamash'ta & The Horizon.

They studied hard and released this LP on ALM Records as their graduation project in 1976.

Sit down and applaud Chie Mukai, Hiroshi Shii, Kaoru Okabe, Kazuaki Hamada, Kazuo Imai, Masaharu Minegishi, Masami Tada, Tatuo Hattori, Tomonao Koshikawa and Yasushi Ozawa.

Recorded Live


Certifiablockhead 12 January 2017 at 02:18  

yes, applause and hats off...marvelous work!!

thank you...