Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - Uganda (Dawn Of African Rock) [ウガンダ]

Straight from the first sustained drone, you realise that you are in a different world to the one that you are acquainted with. Then the guitar squall kicks in alongside some frenzied tribal drumming. About half way through a random Mothers Of Invention-style time signature drops almost like is a signal to the band "hey guys, this is Africa" so they oblige with some "authentic" tribal chanting before that comes to a close and there is the most psychedelic guitar freak-out over a funky back beat which abruptly stops and the guitar threatens to launch into a feedback squall but doesn't. That's only the first track!

Originally, this LP was released on Toshiba Records in 1972. It took 34 (yes, THIRTY FOUR) years before anybody thought to repress it. Quite simply one of the greatest and most deliriously exciting things ever committed to vinyl.