Brast Burn - Debon

Who the hell were Brast Burn? If somebody knows, I've not met them. They appear to have some kind of relationship with Karuna Khyal but nobody knows who they were either. Both appear to have some kind of connection with Yoshihiro Takahashi who has recently appered as a producer on a few releases on Kaitai Records. What I do know is that they only released one LP and damn they left on top. This is a hallucinatory fever dream of an album ... Can as heard in the fifth dimension? Demonic folk music? I seriously can't think of any meaningful comparisons to this record. It really is a remarkable thing to experience. Originally released on Japan's little known Voice Records in 1975, it disappeared from view until Clive Graham resurrected it on his Paradigm Discs in 1998 and we should all be eternally grateful!

Burn Baby Burn


kingpossum,  27 June 2016 at 01:28  

Wow. Those are some wicked good possible touchpoints you attempt for defining this thing. Can't wait to hear it. Much thanks for this and all you do here.