Chie Mukai & Masayoshi Urabe - Dual Anarchism

It appears that Badgerstump is on a Japanese underground rampage, so I'm going to jump in and keep this party going for awhile. This LP came out on Siwa in 2002, and features duo improvisations by Chie Mukai (a singer and multi-instrumentalist who's known mainly for her kokyu playing, though she was a member of the legendary East Bionic Symphonia and has led her "pop" band Ché-SHIZU since 1981) and confrontational post-Abe sax player Masayoshi Urabe. It was limited to 400 copies, all of which are long gone by now.

Chie Mukai & Masayoshi Urabe - Dual Anarchism


Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming 20 June 2016 at 22:32  

Two favourite of mine.
Thank you VERy much!!

Certifiablockhead 23 October 2016 at 15:19  

another first for me and it´s absolute bliss...regards...