Zoviet France - Garista


The first album by Zoviet France might be a shock to listeners who jumped on later to hear their classics "Look Into Me", "Just an Illusion" or "What Is Not True". Back in 1982, when they self-released "Garista" as a cassette, it might have seemed to have more in common with weirdos like Metgumnerbone, New Blockders or even The Residents' "Eskimo". Feral animal grunting and whooping, banging sticks together at the back of a dank cave, general chaotic weirdness that gives hardly a hint of the atmospheric ambience to come. It's their strangest album, but worth a listen to hear what they were doing as odd teenagers huddled around a tape recorder. It was reissued in all formats in 1990, then on LP by Vinyl on Demand in 2019.

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