19 - Sound Track

There are so many things that I have listened to and treasured over the years that seem to owe everything to 19/Juke and this set of post-punk uber-skronk just continues to confirm it. How do the territorially obscure channel ideas that don't exist yet? Who gives a fuck? The philosophical waffle (whilst relevant) is just an attempt to obscure that in terms of catalogue numbers this should have preceeded the previous post. A cardinal nerd-error ... forgive me Mrs Inside for I have sinned!

Originally a self-released LP, this is the (flac) CD reissue on Time Bomb Records from 1996.

the sound of slipping standards


FlaccusMUC 3 December 2021 at 11:39  

This is excellent - thank you so much! And I'm joining in with the arm givers begging for mooooore. Please!