Toshiya Tsunoda & Civyiu Kkliu - Split

The short-lived label called Bremsstrahlung (named after a type of electromagnetic radiation, apparently) put out quiet electro-acoustic music, as was the (minimal) rage in the early 00's. Following two mission-statement compilations both titled "Lowercase Sound", Bremsstrahlung issued three split albums in metal tins. They were supposed to be the first three in a ten-part series, but I suppose the final seven were so minimal they didn't even come out. The first of these was a double CD containing short pieces by Toshiya Tsunoda (known for his field recordings as part of the WrK group of sound and installation artists) and someone called Civyiu Kkliu who is unknown to me. Limited edition of 250 copies.

disc 1
disc 2


Anonymous,  26 July 2018 at 10:27  

As a devotee of Japanese genius music, this blog has been positively uplifting lately. Some Toshiya Tsunoda is the cherry on top! Thank you!!