Ché-SHIZU - Glimmering Star

Takuya Nishimura (Miminokoto, Suishou No Fune et al) on bass, Ikuro Takahashi (Fushitsusha, LSD March, High Rise, Overhang Party an so on) on drums, Koma Keita on guitar and Chie Mukai (of East Bionic Symphonia, Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Marginal Consort) on keyboards. Given the people on board, you might expect it to be full-roar psychedelic rock-freak-out. Whilst it occasionally stretches out, it's more lilting and introverted but repeated listening peels back the details and carries on rewarding.

Initially an LP released on Aleutian Retto in 1999. This is the CD reissue on Alchemy Records from 2002 with additional tracks.