Onna - Untitled

The final (as far as I know) Onna release was a compilation from 2009, put out by the American psych/noise label Holy Mountain. It collects that first 7" from 1983 again, a couple of out-takes from "Katawa", and some live tracks.

Onna - Untitled


kingpossum,  29 July 2018 at 21:21  

Apropos of nothing here, Faust delivered a whirlwind one-hour performance last night here in L.A., as part of a summer program at the Broad Museum. Their video backdrop was supplied by various members live FaceTiming throughout the performance.

Matmos's Fluxus-inspired set was the perfectly imperfect opener. All outdoors under a comfortably cool night sky. No better show to be had in all of Los Angeles last night for these ears.

Mrs. Inside 30 July 2018 at 22:15  

You realize that Faust and Onna are two different bands, right? I guess I'm glad you had a nice time in LA.... ?

kingpossum,  1 August 2018 at 08:41  

@Mrs. Inside:
Yes I'm aware that Faust has nothing to do with Onna. Hence my opening caveat "apropos of nothing here...", meaning, "the comment that follows has nothing to do with the posted recording".

I posted the show review simply in case you hosts or any readers might be interested to know Faust was out performing live. Nothing more than that.