Blud Thirst / Impregnable - Split

Blud Thirst is the work of Evan Pacewicz (who also played in Moth Drakula, Roman Torment and Wire Werewolves. He opens with what sounds like Swans and Sonic Youth playing together when they are in extraordinarily bad moods with sinister film dialogue running over the top ... until it burst into harsh-end noise with intermittent guitar scree. It follows this gorgeous thing up with a choice low end rumble. I've only got this and the Treriksröset split. If anyone can fill in the blanks, I'd really appreciate it! Jeff has his hands full following this but smashes it out of the park with a gorgeous high pitched noise assault.

CDr released on Phil Blankenship's Troniks in 2005.

Blud Thirst / Impregnable