Totsuzen Danball - 成り立つかな?

Shunji Tsutaki and Eiichi Tsutaki producing endlessly pleasing post-punk with the occasional bossa nova twist.

Originally released as an LP on Pass Records in 1981, this is the remastered CD release (that isn't on Discogs) with six unreleased tracks that came out on Pass No Past in 2005.

Can I?


Anonymous,  8 December 2017 at 18:09  


Anonymous,  8 December 2017 at 18:20  

I found this blog about 1 month ago and I still don't know if I'll ever reach the end of it one day.
Thank you for killing my productivity. ;)

I may have a couple of "hard to find" cds you might be interested in. It's not much compared to everything I've downloaded on your blog but...

If your email address still work (aol? Does that thing still exist?) I'll send you the links over there. You have no problem with, right?

Thank you.

ps: is there a search engine on this blog? I couldn't find any.

badgerstump 8 December 2017 at 18:29  

the email is still the same and have no idea about (never used it before). the only search function is in the top left or by trawling through the months on the right. however, we've been around for eight years or so and most of the old links have expired (there literally isn't the time or inclination to even try keeping everything alive). we do (very) occasionally re-up things tho'