Destroy 2 - We Are Voice & Rhythm Only

The ultimate "short-lived band".

Chu Hasegawa on drums (who at various times has been in Children Coup d'Etat, Corrupted, Omoide Hatoba, and Boredoms) and Yamatsuka Tetsurō (yeah, Yamatsuka Eye, EYƎ and a thousand variations and the man at the centre of Hanatarash and Boredoms and all of the rest).

Recorded live in Osaka in February 1995. 48 tracks in 10 minutes but with more to say than will be achieved in U2's nauseating career.

A perfect antidote to the saccharine bullshit that pervades this time of year.

3" CD released on Japan Overseas in 1996.

We Are Voice & Rhythm Only