Saboten - Floor et Satie

Definitely not to be confused with The Saboten! This is the all-female dream-pop post-punk band with a penchant for vaguely Beefheartian time signatures and French composers. The first disc is their first self-titled LP (released in 1982) with Masae Fuma and Satomi Makino on guitar and vocals, Izumi Imazawa on bass and keyboards and Atsuko Sakai on drums. It also has a major Totsuzen Danball influence ... Shunji Tsutaki adds additional guitar whilst his brother Eiichi Tsutaki handles production. The third side is "Let's Satie" (originally released in 1992) featuring cover versions of some of the works of Erik Satie (!). The final side culls two tracks from the Itsumo Aru 7", one from the Non Position compilation and two pulled from their second release 目覚める (Mezameru). I really like it.

Double LP released on EM Records in 2013.

Floor et Satie


Anonymous,  8 December 2017 at 07:56  

I have this LP and now, thanks to you, I have a handy rip as well. Excellent choice of content, as always. Thanks!

Anonymous,  8 December 2017 at 09:05  

It was the combination of The Good Captain and Erik Satie that drew me to this, both of them very dear to me. Intriguing! Thanks very much!