Gunjogacrayon - Gunjogacrayon

Gunjogacrayon exist in their own world where reference points don't exist. If I'm really going to have to try to make you listen to them, how about The Velvet Underground channeling The Mothers Of Invention's "Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme" via Roger Waters' "Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict"? Well, you made me do it ... it's your fault.

As far as I am aware, Gunjogacrayon's own releases were always self-titled. There is one on Discogs listed as Gunjogacrayon III. I've never heard it and never even seen it for sale. If anybody out there could help solve that predicament?

Originally released as an LP on DIW in 1986, this is the CD reissue on Wax Records in 1991.



apf 6 December 2017 at 08:44  

I'll take a break from P-Model and check this out. Thank you!

Anonymous,  9 December 2017 at 16:38  

Nice try on III. If I find it before you do, I will be sure to send you a link. It's been on my list for years, but you never know.