Various - Dokkiri Record

This LP was the only thing released on 必要レコード (which apparently translates as "Necessary Record") in 1980. Across two sides of vinyl, you get Ultra Bide (who included a young Jojo Hiroshige), Alcohol 42%, Henshinkirin, Inu and Chinese Club (Jun Shinoda and Tsuyoshi Takeno who were also in Kansai punk outfit SS with the former also appearing in The Continental Kids). It's a fascinating joyride through the weird Japanese punk undergrowth. It might hit the occasional tree along the way but what doesn't kill you makes you stranger!

Dokkiri Record


Anonymous,  17 July 2016 at 15:02  

...and thanks for this one too! I found a rip some years ago in the web but sounded like an old cassette rip...

Some extra infos (or mis-infos): Apart from playing in Chinese Club, Takeno also played some time in Henshin Kirin, though I'm not sure if he does in this record.
The compilation was released in February 1980, but recorded in the fall of '79, hence the (wrong) 1979 dating that can be found in some places. I read somewhere that it was the first punk/NW indie record in Japan. I'd say that's not pretty accurate (I'm not sure about Elbon, where the Rokkets released their first LP, but I'd say Vanity was an indie label, wasn't it? and Aunt Sally's album preceded this one in like 10 months) but possibly it was the first indie compilation album. (The Tokyo Rockers/Tokyo NW albums were released by majors in 1979). Discogs says there were only 200 copies made...

I find all the bands in the album quite interesting. The INU tracks give us a sample of the earlier and punkier sound of theirs, compared to what they finally released in the very newwavish-sounding Meshi kuuna! LP from 3/81, but far better than the live stuff (recorded in 3/79, I believe in a gig with UltraBide) that was released on the Alchemy "The Original INU" 1984 LP. And furthermore, there's the "ALL THE OLD PUNKS" track that didn't make it on the LP!

Thanks again!


Fernando :)

badgerstump 17 July 2016 at 15:39  

Good knowledge brother!

Vanity Records certainly wasn't a major label in terms of corporate standards but is definitely MAJOR in terms of importance.

Keep the requests coming ... you never know ...

Anonymous,  20 July 2016 at 23:37  

Hi again!

By request, I keep the requests coming ;) Well an advance of my 2nd request was my request (apparently it went unnoticed though I don't know) of a re-up of ABURADAKO's "ADK Years 1983-1984" because the link there leads to a funny page with log-in buttons and things. I need that one!!

And it was an "advance" because the 2nd request I had in mind was, precisely, an Aburadako album, called "Aburadako" as all of their albums, but known as "Tsuri-ban" (釣り盤 or 釣盤), from 1996. A reviewer from RYM calls that album "ridiculously good", which sounds like a strong reccomendation, hehe, but I don't find it anywhere. If you don't have that one, any of the later albums (Tsuki-ban from 2000, Ana-ban from 2004, Fune-ban from 2008) would be welcome too!

Oh, I forgot the other day...

"...what doesn't kill you makes you stranger!"

I loved that one! Much better than the original! :D

Thanks, saludos

Fernando :)

badgerstump 21 July 2016 at 19:21  

Ahh ... Aburadako!

I'm pretty much sure that I have all of their releases ... I've been putting off sorting out all of the tagging for a while ... for "Tsuri-ban" do you mean the Seven Seas release (the first three were all reissued in 1996)?

Anonymous,  21 July 2016 at 21:49  

Yes that one! i.e., this one:あぶらだこ-あぶらだこ/release/8583091
About the other one, the requested re-up, I have part of the stuff of course, but I need that exact release (the P-Vine one, 2008) you had posted because it has several unreleased live tracks among the bonus ones, plus the funny coda of the first EP which was omitted in the previous ADK collection (the one from OK, 1999)... and well, it happens I'm an Aburadako fan who wants to have all of their stuff as, apparently, you do, sir ;)

Thanks, later,

Fernando :)

Anonymous,  23 July 2016 at 19:53  


Anonymous,  2 November 2016 at 20:10  

Hi, this is Fernando again.
Apparently something went very wrong with that comment of mine, here above, from 21/7/16. Not only I didn't get any reply here, but all of my other later comments in the blog, even those with 'gifts' (a couple of YT links to Vanity-related stuff, poor gifts I know), found silence as a response. So, I stopped commenting too.
Was I too demanding? Too insisting? Did not I follow the 'request' rules ("entertaining rather than desperate", etc)? It wasn't funny enough? Too stupid? Did I show my music gluttony too much? It seems I'll never know. Funny, since the first time I wrote here the Badgerstump admin told me about Brexit, and since July I feel I've been brexited! Because the language barrier might have a role here. I dunno, anyway.

Requests are requests. I know that you can take them happily or tell us requesters to go piss off. But, as Pauline Murray put it, 'silence is no virtue'.

The worst thing is, of course, I didn't get my Aburadakos! :P No, seriously, I would have taken a no for an answer, whatever Tom Robinson said. But silence is horrible, mate. ...


Fernando :)

badgerstump 3 November 2016 at 09:59  

Hi Fernando

Sorry mate, I had meant to post those thing but other things entered my mind ... and then I forgot. There's no Badgerstump "admin" ... it's just me and sometimes I get distracted by other ideas and life and all that.

Email me with a list of the Discog URLs and I'll send them directly. It would be easier that way because I'll probably forget again!

Anonymous,  7 November 2016 at 22:10  

Hello again,

wow, and ooopsss!!, so that was quite a misunderstanding from my side. My excuses. And thanks a million for the kind offer. I've just sent that mail (to the address written in the right side).

So, I'll comment again with normality too (that is, if/when I have something to say, hehe). And maybe I'll come back with new requests too, I had a couple –I kept them going slow, step by step, not all of them together– that are very much in tune with the blog methinks. They were about Japanese music though, so maybe I'll wait till your next Jap-trip, we'll see... I remember you said something about a Taco/Tako box (related to the Gaseneta folks)... Well, I digress.

Gracias & saludos!

Fernando :)