The Fifth Column - The Middle Fifth Column: Suspect Music 1981-1990

Let's leave the explanation to Geso: "My friends and I wanted to do something and just started it in about 1977. We were all interested in music, poetry, and art. There was no set purpose. We wanted to make it something that refuses definition and can only be explained as a situation or place that resolves or dissolves by itself while searching for something unknowable, unnameable. We just named it [The Fifth Column] because it would be inconvenient if it didn't have a name. The Fifth Column is a non-organisation; it's such a vague entity, it has no stipulations or fixed members. We wouldn't mind anyone calling themselves a Fifth Columnist (though we'd be annoyed if someone abused the name to do terrible things) ... It could be said that the Fifth Column exists only when the name is being used. Therefore, most of the time, the Fifth Column does not exist."

Here you have offerings by Akanarum, Akira Ichiguchi, Anode/Cathode, Geso, Ice⁹, Jun Mizukami, Koichiro Watanabe, Kumio Kurachi, Onnyk, Seiichi Nakatsubo, Tadashi Otsuka, Takashi Kazamaki, Tsutomu Terakawa and Wolfgang Wiggers that had appeared on previous releases by the Fifth Column label and on Pinakotheca.

Welcome to The Fifth Column. Long live The Fifth Column.

Released on Alchemy Records in 2005.

The Middle Fifth Column: Suspect Music 1981-1990


Unknown 18 July 2016 at 11:14  

Sad news.

Alan Vega has died.

The wonderful clones of suicide comp inspired me to dig the classic originals out and...

the curse of 2016 continues...

Certifiablockhead 14 March 2017 at 07:25  

extraordinary and magnificent...bleak bliss...